NICKNAMES.Sara, Mary, or both, Mari
DATE OF BIRTH.December 12, 1992

SORORITY.Sigma Kappa
MAJOR.Studio Arts

OTHER.Works at Eagle's Nest Cafe (barista), Models

APPEARANCE.Black hair with bangs and an undercut
Tatoos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 and counting
MUSE.Saramary, model/singer
“The sharpest critics of the elks used to be ones themselves.”
— F.W. Bernstein.
Born to a Japanese mother and an American father, Saramary’s memories of her childhood were good ones, happy ones. Even when she faced the teasing by classmates because of her weird name and not-quite-Japanese features, the memories of her home life outshined those tougher moments she faced. Her father was warm, had taught her how to speak English and told her of his country and promised that one day, he would bring her there to see it. He really loved her and her mother, so it was a shock to the both of them when he suddenly passed away when she was 13. Sara was devastated and angry, with him for leaving and with the world for taking him from her. With a mother who would not talk of the loss, it left Sara with pent up emotions, leading her to snapping and punching a boy in the face when he made an awful remark about her father. He hadn’t known about the death, but Sara didn’t care.

It took Sara two years to finally come to terms with her father’s death, and her mother an extra year before she found love again, marrying a man who Sara was wary of at first, but by the time the wedding came around, the two of them had bonded on a deep level. He introduced her to the Japanese rock scene, to visual art, and, most importantly, tattoos (of which he had several). It was through his encouragement that she find her passion in art, it was him who was with her for her first tattoo (a tiny watermelon slice, easily hidden from her mother), and it was he who influenced her fashion choices for some time, until she eventually began to incorporate influence from both of her fathers—a punk rock flare from her step-father and a love for Americana and classic pinup styles from her biological father.

While looking at colleges, Sara’s step-father had been hoping for her to go somewhere in America, but her mother resisted, wanting her closer to home. While Sara loved her parents, she longed to get away, to explore new areas and give in to the wanderlust she had started to develop. With some discussion, she was able to convince her mother to allow her to go to Korea and attend Yonsei, and, immediately, Sara began learning Korean. By the time she applied, she was mostly fluent, though she at times struggled and had a noticeable accent, and the minute she was accepted, she began the process of moving, wanting to be familiar with Seoul and the area around it before starting.

As a Freshman, she had debated on joining a Sorority, had even called her parents several times wondering about it and if she was a proper fit for it, but everything changed when she started attending parties. Sara clicked immediately with the members of Sigma Kappa and Delta Tau Delta, and it was then that she knew her choice one rushing began. Being accepted into the sorority made things feel complete, and she never looked back.
“The sharpest critics of the elks used to be ones themselves.”
— F.W. Bernstein.
Saramary runs on both ends of the spectrum, energetic and calm, loud and quiet, hot and cold. She is just as quick to speak her mind as she is to think quietly on what is going on around her. A fan of pinup models, erotic photos, and kinbaku, Sara is fascinated with the human form and her art often reflects that, preferring working with nude models and self reference photos. She has suggested more than once to photograph her sexual encounters to use in her art, though whether that suggestion has been successfully met or not is up for debate.

While Sara’s sexual preference isn’t public knowledge, she is open to anything, happy to engage with a woman if she strikes her interests, though so far, the only encounters she’d had with women had been purely on an artistic level.

Generally, she is polite and gets along with most people, but when her stress levels are high, she easily snaps at people and can get violent, though nothing of the sort has happened in years, her overall happiness levels helping to keep that in check.
“The sharpest critics of the elks used to be ones themselves.”
— F.W. Bernstein.
{at a glance}
✔︎ Proudly hails from Nagoya
✔︎ Has modeled since 17, and at 18 began to dabble in erotic photography
✔︎ Loves kinbaku and is skilled in doing the intricate knots, though she prefers to be the one in the ropes
✔︎ Style varies from punk, casual, girly, and retro; expert with victory rolls
✔︎ Keeps her hair in an undercut because it’s too much to manage, otherwise
✔︎ Pinups and Americana!
✔︎ Tattoos!
✔︎ Goats are beautiful creatures.
✔︎ Cigaretts, pot and alcohol, though she’s not fond of mixing the last two
✔︎ Loves the uncanny; creepy mannequins are her favorite
✔︎ Fine with most bugs, but is easily surprised by them and will shout and run if they fly, jump, or run at her
✔︎ Prefers to keep chill company, people with a sense of humor, and anyone who can share her interest in the weird

✖︎ Hates unnecessarily rude people
✖︎ Hates shaming of any type of body
✖︎ Does not want to hear the “where are you from?” types of questions
✖︎ Does not want to work with anyone who immediately assume posing nude for her means sexual payments are in order
✖︎ Will not participate in kinbaku with just anyone
“The sharpest critics of the elks used to be ones themselves.”
— F.W. Bernstein.
Looking for
SK sisters/DTD brothers
People willing to pose for reference photos
Fellow art and fashion club members
Fellow Japanese speakers, especially anyone from the Nagoya area
Fellow English speakers to help keep her fluency up
Past hook ups, possible relationships
Future relationships preferably organic Currently in a relationship.
And any other type of line you can think of! Lay it on me!

Para preferred, though action can be done in certain circumstances. Central timezone, online frequently. Limited OOC.